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I am a philosopher and an academic manager.

My research is focused on the nature, the epistemic powers and the value of various capacities of the human mind: imagination, reasoning, perception and linguistic understanding. I believe that the most interesting questions about these cognitive capacities can be answered best by combining work in philosophy of mind and epistemology (and sometimes also philosophy of language, philosophy of science and aesthetics). I also believe that we can do philosophy in a way that can be highly relevant to our individual and social lives. So that is what I do.

Inclusiveness Statement: I am deeply committed to creating and contributing to a philosophical community which is fair, inclusive, compassionate and mindful about the diversity of our identities and lives. This is what I am willing to stand up for.

That's New:

Reasoning Volume

The Reasoning collection of essays Brendan and I edited for OUP is out Great papers by great contributors.

Virtual Reality

I have been experimenting with using virtual reality and augmented reality in my philosophy courses. I have also been involved in developing a course on the philosophy of virtual reality. If you are interested in talking to me about this, send me an email.

Imagination Book

I am finishing my imagination book, and I will have a full manuscript ready by summer 2022.

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