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Workshop in Honor of Harvey Siegel

University of Miami, 2019.

Inclusiveness Workshop

University of Miami, 2018.

Fictional Worlds

(with J. Langkau), Interdisciplinary Workshop, University of Konstanz, 2016.

Imagination and Fiction

(with J. Langkau), Colloquium at the German Analytic Philosophy Conference, 2015.

Semantics and Philosophy

(with B. Balcerak Jackson, D. Penka, S. Lauer), Scientific Retreat, Lihnz, 2015.


(with J. Langkau) Scientific Retreat, Island of Reichenau, 2014.

Semantic Pluralism

(with B. Balcerak Jackson) Workshop, Konstanz, 2014.

Reasoning Conference

(with B. Balcerak Jackson), Conference, University of Konstanz, June 2014.

David Chalmers' Constructing the World

(with B. Balcerak Jackson) Author-Meets-Critics Workshop with David Chalmers, Bonn, 2014

The Roles of Experience in A Priori Knowledge

(with T. Grundmann), Workshop, University of Cologne, October 2012.

Philosophical Methodology Conference

(with B. Balcerak Jackson), Conference, University of Cologne.


June 2020: Speaker, Logic of Conceivability Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands

April 2020: Symposium Speaker, Pacific APA, San Francisco

February 2020: Commentator, Central APA, Chicago

December 2019: Speaker, A Priori Conference, Stirling

June 2019: Speaker, Reasoning Workshop, University of Cologne, Germany

May 2019: Speaker, Reasoning Workshop, Union College

January 2019: Commentator, Ranch Metaphysics Workshop, Tucson

November 2018: Faculty Commentator-at-Large, PeRFECt 4, University of Pennsylvania,

November 2018: Speaker, Belief, Delusion and Imagination Workshop, Manchester, UK

July 2018: Knowledge of Ethics and Aesthetics Workshop, Freiburg, Germany

March 2018: Keynote at Imagination Conference, Bochum, Germany

February 2018: Speaker, Imagination and Knowledge Workshop, Cologne, Germany

January 2018: Participant, Ranch Metaphysics Workshop, Arizona

September 2017: Imaginability and Intelligibility, Conference on Imagination and Knowledge, Konstanz, Germany

June 2017: MCMP Colloquium, Munich, Germany

June 2017: Intuitions as Inferential Judgments, Intuitions Workshop, Humboldt Uni Berlin, Germany

June 2017: Imaginability and Intelligibility, Workshop on Imagination, University of Fribourg, Switzerland

May 2017: Visit at Imagination and Fiction Seminar of Julia Langkau, University of Zurich, Switzerland

May 2017: Chair, Rutgers Epistemology Workshop, Rutgers University

April 2017: Roundtable Speaker, Philosophy and the Sciences, University of Miami Libraries Event

April 2017: Imaginability and Intelligibility, Conference on Intelligibility, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada


I very much enjoy both, presenting and discussing my work with other philosophers and organizing philosophical events of all kinds.

I am strongly committed to making the events I organize as inclusive as possible.

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