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University of Miami, 2019-2020 (current)

Immersive Experience and Virtual Reality (with B. Balcerak Jackson)

University of Miami, 2018-2019

University of Miami

Immersive Experience and Virtual Reality (with B. Balcerak Jackson)

Philosophical Writing Graduate Seminar (with B. Balcerak Jackson)

Philosophy of Mind (PHI 344)

Social Epistemology Graduate Seminar (with Harvey Siegel)

University of Miami, 2015-2018

Introduction to Philosophy

Graduate Seminar in Philosophy of Mind: Imagination

Food Ethics

Epistemology: Reasoning

Philosophy of Mind (with A. McMullen)

Philosophy of Science

Language, Power and Politics (with A. McMullen)

Seminar in Epistemology: Philosophical Methodology (with H. Siegel)

Philosophy of Mind (PHI 334)

The Phenomenological Tradition (PHI 500/600)

University of Konstanz, 2013 - 2015

Perception, Memory, Imagination

Food Ethics


University of Cologne, 2009 - 2013

Philosophy of Philosophy


Self-Knowledge and Introspection

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Besides teaching undergraduates and graduates in my areas of specialization, I like to design courses that tackle issues of current social and/or political relevance and try out alternative teaching techniques. Currently, I am experimenting with using virtual and augmented reality in teaching philosophy.


I am currently supervising the following PhD candidates:


Casey Landers* (Mind, Phil of Psychology)

Adam Hauptfeld (Mind, Epistemology)

Dogan Kazakli (Epistemology, Social/Pol)

* indicates that I am chairing or co-chairing the committee

I have in the past supervised and worked with the following students:

David DiDomenico* (Epistemology, Mind)

Azenet Lopez (Mind)

Amanda McMullen, PhD 2019, Philosophy of Language

Joshua Myers*, Honors Thesis (Mind), University of Miami, now graduate student at NYU

Benjamin Kerst*, MA Thesis, University of Konstanz

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